Friday, April 15, 2011

Boss Martians Jetaway Sounds

Stomp, Surf and Shake from Seattle's famous 4-piece The Boss Martians. One of their best, mostly instrumentals, with just a couple of vocal tracks adding variety. The theme of Jet Planes runs throughout, making this a unique release for fans of the 60s style Surf guitar. My own rp- in blazin' 320.

Track Listing:
Hangar Party Stomp
Lost Luggage Frenzy
One Loud Turbine
Stewardess More Peanuts Please
Ode To The Baggage Handler
My Favorite Planemaker
Irving The Swingin' Air Traffic Controller
Two On The Wing
The Airline Broke My Surfboard
What'd I Fly
Boeing Boeing Gone!
Story Of The DASH-80



brad32 said...

Thanks for this - love the Boss Martians...

Anonymous said...

"for fans of the 60s style Surf guitar"

thanks a lot (looks out-of-print since ages)

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