Saturday, October 6, 2007

More Treats - 4 Piece Suit -Spirito

Four Piece Suit --- Spirito
Quirky, eclectic, instrumental music. Third CD from Four Piece Suit, who have created a unique musical world, somewhere between Rock'n'Roll and Jazz. Driven by huge tenor sax tone and twanging guitars, "Spirito" careens from Spaghetti Western, through Bollywood, Latinesque, Space Age bachelor pad, cartoon music, Merseyside Big Beat, and their own serpentine groove pieces. Best known for their sophisticated, comic, and sexy soundtracks for HBO's Sex and the City, this Grammy-nominated combo has shown up in innumerable films and tv shows. As always, the band has a blast with their favorite styles, but on this outing, more than ever before, they have gone beyond category to create a sound that is uniquely Four Piece Suit.

1. Spaghetti-O 2. Desi's Cha Cha Cha 3. Vindaloo 4. Toreador Pants 5. Village of the Jammed 6. Lobology 7. Hold Me Loose 8. Moondust 9. Dig Big 10. Hijinx 11. Medley: Castle Mood/Johnny Guitar 12. Cuyahoga Crawl 13. Tube Top 14. Spirito




Trustar said...

Big Boss Man

Not familiar with 4 piece suit...yet!

Thanks for the chance to get to know them.


DaBoss said...

You will love the variety and musicianship with leather and rubber.

Brandonio! said...

Da boss. the fifth song 'village of the jammed "is broken. it's really a great song there any way to fix this ?

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