Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Monsters Are Coming 2... Monster Bop

Monster Bop
Companion to Horror Hop - see below

This is a mother lode of 50/60's weirdness. Rock and Roll and Rockabilly...from a time when horror movies were simple --even simple-minded -- yet cool, and not full of pretentious cerebral frosting or gratituous gore, digital hi-jinx, and received ideas for increasingly receeding imaginations. Folks who remember Famous Monsters of Filmland; Saturday night television horror hosts; "spook show" hokum; gum on the back of uncomfortable seats (without cup-holders); Michael "Little Joe" Landon portraying a hormonally challenged teen werewolf; and the dark musty dusky stank of neighborhood movie theatres without hefty admission prices and ho-hum minimalist decor will know what I'm on about here. Dig this great volume and it's accompanying volume Horror Hop. Two of the very best - probably The BEST - compilations on the theme out there. Absolutely essential if you love Halloween. It evokes the smell of cheap latex Halloween masks and cherry bomb exploding imaginations --- one big blast!

1.Jackie Morningstar / Rockin' In The Graveyard 2.Carl Bonafede / Were Wolf 3.Jerry Coulston / Caveman Hop 4.Rod Willis / The Cat 5.Jack And Jim / Midnight Monsters Hop 6.Scottie Stuart / Nightmare 7.Leroy Bowman / Graveyard 8.Mack Allen Smith / The Skeleton Fight 9.Jimmy Dee / The Monster Hop 10.Carl Bonafede / Story That's True 11.Bert Convy / The Gorilla 12.Joe Wallace / Leopard Man 13.Earl Patterson / Nightmare Hop 14.Bobby Please / The Monster 15.The Phantom Five / Graveyard 16.Tommy Roe / Caveman 17.The Daylighters / Mad House Jump 18.Jim Burgett / Jekyll And Hyde 19.Cris Kevin / Haunted House 20.Mike Fern / The Head Hunters 21.Round Robin / I'm The Wolf Man 22.Hollywood Flames / Frankenstein's Den 23.Bert Convy / The Monster Hop 24.Carlos Casal, Jr. / Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein 25.The Keytones / I Was A Teenage Monster 26.The Castle Kings / You Can Get Him Frankenstein 27.Joe Johnson / The Gila Monster 28.Eddie Thomas / Frankenstein Rock 29.Randy Luck / I Was A Teen-Age Cave Man 30.Ivan / Frankie Frankenstein




UniversalHorror said...

THANK YOU for posting this and Horror Hop....I had just read about these online, and now it's GREAT to find these posted here. Love vintage Halloween/horror comps like this, such as the Jass Records label's Halloween Stomp.


thanks for this spooky comp. just wanted to let you know that track 14 is messed and doesnt play. awesome blog. i will be a regular.

Tiki Monk said...

Thanks! Halloween is comin' again!

Ryan Shepard said...

Thanks VERY much for making this available @320!

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