Sunday, October 7, 2007

Monster Party 2000

Monster Party 2000
This is not just a Halloween party compilation album. This is a must have for anyone who digs on surf, rockabilly, garage bands or just plain wacky music. Scary surf riffs, creepy rockabilly, hardcore punk, grim garage bands, and hellish hot rod tunes make for one killer album, regardless of the season.

The whole CD is a strong comp from the folks at Musick. Deadbolt brings us the necrophiliac tinged "Billy's Dead," a deadpan riff which sets out to inform us that Billy might just be better off in a George Romero movie. Freddy Fortune & The Fore Gone Conclusions sing about hot rod hearses in "Dracula's Deuce," and Satan's Pilgrims bring to life "Frankenstomp". Los Straitjackets, Boss Martians, Space Cossacks, The Bambi Molesters, the Hellbenders' and The Omega Men, among others, are also lurking on this killer comp. A who’s who of modern twang. This baby will rise to your player again and again, to scare off crappy music, like a good monster should.

Welcome To The Party! - Monster Party 2000 2. Frankenstomp - Satan's Pilgrims 3. Have You Ever Seen...? - The Boss Martians 4. Transylvanian Orbit (Romanian Dance Of The Undead) - The Space Cossacks 5. Frankie's Groovy Monsters Boots - Eddie Angel & The Omega Men 6. Dracula's Deuce - Freddy Fortune & The Four-Gone Conclusions 7. The Goon - Bleed 8. Theme From 'Young Frankenstein' - The Madeira 9. Ghosts From Boot Hill - The Hellbenders 10. Nosferatu - The 3-D Invisible 11. The Pendulum - Hypnomen 12. Daddy Long Legs - The Tiki Tones 13. (Theme From) Slaying Beauty - Bambi Molesters 14. Billy's Dead - Deadbolt 15. Evil Walks In - Fifty Foot Combo 16. El Monster Surfin' Time - Los Pelegrinos Negros 17. Already Dead - Electric Frankenstein 18. Roadside Cross - Cobrajets 19. Rockula - Los Straitjackets 20. Dracula's Daughter - The Woggles 21. It's The Mummy! - The Chimps 22. Theme From 'Young Frankenstein' - The Madeira



While you are partying with the monster soundz, why not have a Zombie for yourself. 2 or 3 of these and you will feel like one by the time the music is over. Here's how to get numb --

Crushed ice
2 parts white rum
1 part gold rum
1 part Stroh rum (80%)
1 dash Angostura
1 part orange juice
1 part lemon juice
1 part pineapple juice
1 teaspoon sugar

Fill the shaker half with crushed ice, add the three kinds of rum, angostura, juices and shake well.
Strain in a hurricane glass with ice in the bottom.
Garnish with orange and pineapple slices.

Acid cigars go well with the Zombies. Not your traditional cigar, Acids are flavored with over 200 different natural herbs and Asian oils that line the walls of the factory’s Quarto Aromatico (Aroma Room). These are the exotic ingredients that, in the old Cuban tradition are infused into Nicaraguan Cuban-seed fillers and wrappers from the far-flung corners of the world: Ecuador-Sumatra, Nicaragua-Connecticut, Cuban-seed Honduras Maduro, and African Cameroon giving them an unsual spicy taste. I pick up jasmine, lavender and sandal wood. Kind of like incence for your mouth and tongue and nose. They even smell like a tobacco potpourri. For something different, give them a try.


Brandonio! said...

Daboss, I couldn't agree more with your comment about this album.This and "Halloween Hootenanny "are my two favorite comps for this holiday.I myself am compiling my own spooky comp for the Devils day coming near. I too don't limit my comp's with just surf music. There are only a few genres that just don't make the cut, rap and country.I was thinking that you should compile your own special Halloween themed album, i know you probably have plenty of music to pick from. Well give it a thought at least. Until next time.

DaBoss said...

Sounds great! When you are done, I'd be proud to publish it for you - like we did at Eeks. I simply don't have the time right now for a Halloween comp of my own, I'll be doing sound design and teching a play at my community theatre next 2 weeks, so my posts will be near and dear.

I also have committments to finish the 3 other comps that were started with Eek and THXJAY at The Crime Lounge wants a spy comp. So, I'm going to be pretty comped out for a while.

I agree with you, rap and most country won't cut it from me either.

Keep listenin'.

Trustar said...

I'm ready to take this Big Boss Man ride to Crazytown!

Thanks for sharing GeorgeW

Brandonio! said...

Daboss, hey buddy i have my halloween comp done. 31 tracks in all, problem is i don't have any art work to go with it. i'am very proud of my work, this thing kicks ass. Sure to scary the crap out of all who listens to it. I would really like to Email it to you before hand . You might even be inspired enough to add some art work. Just let me know.

Dr. Mojo said...

Right on brother, Acid cigars are "dah bomb".

Thanks for the music!

brad32 said...

Daboss, just now discovered your blog and love it so far...I live (should I say die?) for Halloween music, and you have a bunch I don't have. I linked you to my (new) blog, hope you don't mind!

Ryan Shepard said...

Dynamite - thanks for making this available @320!

Ryan Shepard said...

Dynamite - thanks for making this available @320!

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