Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good News From EEK the Cat

Hello, everyone. I have GOOD NEWS from our buddy, Eek the Cat. I spoke to him personally today and he is still alive (yea!!!!!) and slowly recovering from his illness. He got hit with it really hard and it took 8 of his 9 lives so things were very scary there for awhile. He is now recovering, he can only be really active for a few hours a day, and it will take awhile before he's back singing in the alley with the rest of us.

And to make matters worse - his computer crashed so he's having to limp along with that. He's in good spirits and appreciates everyone's concern and get wells -- he's slowing getting ready to return to his old eektastic form. He said he'll probably do another post next week.

He wanted me to pass the word along and thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and wishing him well. Glad to see my buddy is starting to stand on all fours. I miss him, I guess you do to.

If you would like to add your voice to Eek, please do so -- he'll enjoy hearing from you.


sandman said...

Get well soon eek the alley is missing your feline presence!

Brandonio! said...

I surely do miss the Eekster and his witty comments. Darn illnesses!!!I'm really glad he'll be back soon it's been far too long. CHEERS TO Eek!!! Hip, Hip HOORAY!!!! Hip Hip HOORAY!!! LONG LIVE Eek!!!!!!!!!!

glauberovsky said...

get right back to the job eek-o-rama!!!
i must thank eek specially for a japanese band called takeshi [something-i-can't-pronounce].
this blog's doin' a fine fine job too! greets,

GLAUBER [from brazil]

Brandonio! said...

daboss, Hey daddy-o i have a very special request of you. I was wondering if you so happen to have Four Piece Suit's album's "Maninee Idylls" or "Spirito"? i really love this band. Dave Sholl's sax playing is the greatest of all time if you ask me. did you know he used to play with Dr.John? who'd have thought. I Just thought ask you since you were the one who posted there album "Ready to wear" over at Eek the cat's place. Well until next time. Thanks!!!

C-500 said...

Hey Boss G!

Good to hear that Eekie soon is back in shape...8 of 9...phew, that's tuff!
Regards to you and Eek!

PS I got a better cover scan for the Duo-Tones if you want it.

Frisian said...

glad to hear he's getting better...


1Surfrider said...

Thanks for the update on Da Cat.

Hey Catman, hang tough, we love the cool tunes you spread!

I'm recovering from major back surgery (#4), I feel your pain.

All the best from a beach on the east coast of the USA

Santa Claus said...

You all are stealing from bands that you say you love. Bands that make very little if anything to start with. Try manning up and shelling out a few bucks to those guys who bring you the music you like.

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