Sunday, October 7, 2007

Final Four - Four Piece Suit Ready To Where - Repost

Four Piece Suit -- Ready To Where

If you have seen the TV show, “Sex In The City,” you have heard Four Piece Suit already. They do the opening theme and some of the incidental background score for the show.I love their "spy/surf" music the most, but their mix of old time rock and roll, Latin themes, beach party music, and other unclassifiable tunes is very ear-catching from start to finish. David Sholl's sax is better than having a lead singer, and Milt Reder's guitar work is outstanding. Dean Cassell on bass and Lorne Entress on drums are showcased on a few songs as well.You haven't heard a band like them. But you'll almost certainly like them.

Review – Stevie “8”This band rocks! They swing! They swagger! They're the absolute most - to say the very least! Hailing from the greater Boston area, Four Piece Suit lays to rest those nasty rumors that the East Coast has no swing!Choice cuts: "A Shot in the Dark", "Theme From Exodus", "Something for Cat" and "Dark Eyes" all are guaranteed to get your happy feet moving on the dancefloor - whether you want to swing, twist, frug, or just do that drunken frat-boy shuffle. Throughout it all, David Sholl's sax wails one its sexy-siren call above the grooving guitars.Picture a beach party where Frankie Sinatra drops Ava Gardner for Annette Funicello. THIS is the CD they'd be playing! Amazon
1. A Shot In The Dark2. Mondo Bondo3. Jam Up4. Theme From Exdous5. Something For Cat6. Kolme Kitaraa7. Strip Search8. Walter And Conny9. In Pain In Paris10. El Cumbanchero11. Hey Hey My My (Out Of The Blue)12. Rambunctious13. Lonesome Lover14. Human Jungle15. Dark Eyes
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