Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fat City Cigar Lounge Presents -- Brandonio's Fright Fest 1

Hi everyone! Here is a real Halloween treat for you. I am proud to present Fat City’s first guest created compilation, Brandonio’s Fright Fest. Our buddy, Brandonio, graciously took the time and effort to sort out all the ghastly ghostly ghoulishly delicious tunes from his vast collection to put together this AWESOME comp of raise the zombies monster cuts. Not your traditional Halloween smarmy junk. Oh, no. Texas Chainsaw Massacre cool. Halloween is his favorite time of year and here’s the proof. Stuff that stays with you for days and nights and sounds devilish anytime of year. Guaranteed to make you shiver with delight.

Hey, he even did the cover art!! He says, “The Ghoul on the cover is none other Sammy Terry a local Horror show host that used to be quite popular back in the day. He used to scare the crap out of everybody who dared to stay up late and watch him every Saturday night. The spider who is next to him [yes I put that one there ] is named, and I kid you not, "George". Is this a quinky dink or what? “

I’ve been called worse. ;-) Big THANK YOU to Brandonio, he really knows his stuff, and classes up da place real good. Get his comp and find out for yourself.


Eek The Cat said...

Mucho appreciations! And your one of the only other folk that I know that uses the term "quinky dink!"

Hey, I bought a box of Victor Sinclair's "Flor de Dominguez" cigars from Thompson Cigars ( a few weeks ago, and they are a sheer delight. 6 3/4 x 43 Dominican long filler in a Maduro wrapper. I'm nearly finished with the box, and only two out of the entire box of 25 were rolled a little too tightly for a good draw. Smooth, robust with NO bite. Fully comparable to the Padron Lonsdales I usually buy. And you wouldn't believe the price. I normally pay $6.00 to $8.00 per stick for my Padrons, but these were $24.95 for the box of 25!!!! And they came in a really nice wooden box. Unfortunately, I believe they only had a small supply as I can't find them on their site now.

Long ashes to you my Friend,


DaBoss said...

Yo EEky:
Nice score on the sticks. I'm green with envy! I always check Thompson out for deals and bargains. Love their samplers. Cheap way to get great smokes.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out Brandonio's comp -- he did a great job and I hope folks are not scared off just because it is "Halloween" themed on the cover. The music is good all the time. It's a special treat anytime of year. Glad to see you are up and about -- more good stuf is on it's way so don't be a stranger. Your good friend -- George

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