Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Atomic 7 - For Your Pleasure

Atomic 7 - En Hillbilly Caliente

After Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet broke up, guitarist Brian Connelly spent several years playing guitar in Neko Case's band, but he apparently wanted to get back to the surf-inspired instrumental sounds of the Shadowy Men, and Atomic 7 was formed with bass player Clinton Ryder and drummer Mike Andriosso. The band's debut album, Gowns by Edith Head appeared in 2002, followed by ...En Hillbilly Caliente in 2004. AMG

Fun surf with a country-western twinge to it. Short slabs of exciting twang.

1. Bury My Foot At Wounded Mouth 2. Celebrity Cocktails 3. That Left Over Savoir Faire 4. Kicking At The Ghost Of Ass 5. Daddy's Little World 6. Devil's Mittens 7. Funeral Hotpants 8. Skynyrd 9. Flying Bomb 10. Meet Me Tonight In The Shadow Of Love 11. So Long Happy Days 12. The Happy Fingers Method 13. Stab It & Steer It 14. Riding The Sorry Train To Dumpsville 15. Various Rats Are Whacked 16. The Wreck Of The Dick Family Weiner Boat 17. What I Liked About Lord Of The Rings



Trustar said...

Not familiar...yet!

Thanks for sharing both of these gems George.


C-500 said...

Hey G!

Thanks for these two the way, link for Duo-Tones cover is in Hair comments.

Bye for now!

DaBoss said...

Thanks, C. Glad you liked the tunes and thanks for the pic. Much better.

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