Monday, May 5, 2008

The Halibuts - Chumming

Chumming sets forth a smooth background of shuffly rock, but its true focus (as with all Halibuts records) is the amazing guitar soloing that tops this — the guitar composition finds an idiosyncratic niche that's somewhere between surf and country, and simply runs through this territory with equal levels of melodic appeal and stunning virtuousity.

1. The Natives Are Restless 2. Blackball 3. Beluga Stroll 4. Impact Zone 5. Bowling Ball Gardens 6. Swell 7. It's A Wonderful Halibut 8. No Minors 9. Flyswatter 10. Molokini By Moonlight 11. A Taste Of Honey 12. The Wetspot 13. Bottom Feeder 14. Banzai Washout 15. Java 16. Grunion Run 17. Chumming


Brandonio! said...

Easily one of the best surf instro albums of the 90's.Another great band who went away too early if you ask me.Yeah I know they were around for a long time ,even back in the eighties, but i was bangin'my head heavy metal back in the day give me a break.If only knew then what i know now.Damn!

DaBoss said...

Hey brandonio - don't we all wish we could go backwards in tie with the knowledge and experience we have now. Wow. would save a lot of wasted time and effort. These guys were great, and you posted thier second one a long time ago over at your place. (RockisDeadRIP) see links. Keep chummin' along, buddy.

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