Sunday, May 11, 2008

Four Rooms - OST - Combustible Edison

One of the best soundtracks ever! Utterly forgettable movie.
This soundtrack, like many of the other soundtracks created and pieced together by Quentin Tarantino, is very distinctive with wonderful examples of mixed up jazz and lounge singing, and to top it off, makes an art of martinis! Cocktail and Lounge music performed by Combustible Edison, except two songs, Sentimental Journey and Harlem Nocturne, are performed by Esquivel (compose, arranger, stereo sound pioneer from 50's and 60's). Adds to any party!

1. Vertigogo (Opening Theme) 2. Junglero 3. Four Rooms Swing 4. Theme From 'Bewitched' 5. Tea and Eva In The Elevator 6. Invocation 7. Breakfast At Denny's
8. Strange Brew 9. Coven Of Witches 10. The Earthly Diana 11. Eva Seduces Ted
12. Hallway Ted 13. Headshake Rhumba 14. Skippen, Pukin, Sigfried
15. Angela 16. Punch Drunk 17. Male Bonding 18. Mariachi
19. Antes De Medianoche 20. Sentimental Journey – Esquivel 21. Kids Watch T.V.
22. Champagne and Needles 23. Bullseye 24. Harlem Nocturne - Esquivel
25. The Millionaire's Holiday 26. Ted-o-vater 27. Vertigogo (Closing Credits)
28. 'D' In The Hallway Credits 29. Torchy




Brandonio! said...

I love this soundtack and the movie.The movie kinda went under the radar even though Tarantino was involved with the flick.By the way what ever happened to Combustible Edison? Their "I Swinger" album is a true classic.

DaBoss said...

Big B -- unfortunately they combusted and went their separate ways - too bad. Their type of "lounge" revivalism only lasted a few years and the market wasn't there. Still too far ahead of thier times. That's a shame -they are GREAT musicians. This is a lot harder to do than it sounds, without getting into the cheeze category. Am posting "I Swinger" and "Schizophonic" this weekend to finsih the group. Put them Don Tiki, and Tipsy on all one sitting and you have the best of the modern movement. Enjoy.

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