Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tipsy - Uh- Oh! Repost

Hello all:

I'm in a kind of a loungey mood today, so while I get Brandonio's next post of rare Man or Astroman gems ready for human consumption, I figure you'd like a little something to keep you busy. Here are some slabs of great cheese, tasty little nuggets that will amaze, amuse and annihilate any sense of decorum you might have in your collection of tunes. Have fun and take nothing seriously!!! DB

Originally posted at my good friend EEk the Cat's basement sometime last year

Tipsy's Uh-Oh! wisely avoids overtly contemporary electronic styles in favor of exotica, lounge, bossa nova, soft rock, and analog synth tomfoolery, its 18 tracks are strangely amorphous, the aural equivalent of a lava lamp -- equally kitschy and hypnotic. Most of the album's tracks blend into soothing yet subversive background music, but there are quite a few standouts: the sleek, slinky opener "Hard Petting"; "Hey!," which sounds like an exotica-tinged version of the Art of Noise's "Close (To the Edit)"; "Sweet Cinnamon Punch," a mutant offspring of '50s and '60s slow-dance numbers; and "Reverse Cowgirl," which mixes sliced-and-diced slide guitar, bouncy brass, and a galloping beat into the sonic equivalent of its title. With evocative cuts like the seductive, slightly campy "Pink Mood" and "Bunny Kick"'s sassy fusion of soft rock and bossa nova, Tipsy gets increasingly filmic, though there's probably no movie diverse or weird enough to put all of their musical moods to use. From the underwater beach party of "Wig Out" to "Suez Motel"'s hazy exotica to the voluptuous finale "Eclipse of the Sun Virgin," the album sounds like the kind of music Esquivel would have made in the third millennium. Though it could have used some of Trip Tease’s (their first effort – coming soon to the lounge) structure, Uh-Oh! takes Tipsy's intoxicating sound in a prettier, more atmospheric direction; whether that means it's more straightforward or more subversive than its predecessor is anyone's guess, but either way Uh-Oh! proves that Tipsy's mix of old and new is utterly unique.

1 Hard Petting 2 Papaya Freeway 3 Hey 4 Sweet Cinnamon Crunch 5 Neon Tetra 6 Wig Out 7 Reverse Cowgirl 8 Swallowtail 9 Moisture Seekers 10 Kitty Takes a Ride 11 Fur Teacup 12 Pink Mood 13 Bunny Kick 14 Suez Motel 15 Xxxmas 16 Seaweed 17 Zombie's Mood 18 Eclipse of the Sun Virgin


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RonM said...

Looks interesting thanks

DaBoss said...

Glad you stopped by, hope you like it. Tipsy is a creative modern spin on the classic space-age pop and I think they do a pretty good job of respecting thier roots. Another modern take on the classics I like are Combustible Edison, more towards the Ray Anthony style, and Don Tiki who is along the lines of Martin Denny. They will be appearing in the lounge pretty soon, along with some of the true classics that I'm sure will bring a smile to your face. Please keep checking in -- I always find great goodies at your place, thanks for visiting.

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