Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Spy-Fi Soundz of The Omega Men

The Omega Men – The Spy – Fi Sounds of
Try combining Booker T. & the MG's, The Ventures, Love (they cover "She Comes in Colors" very well) and The Prisoners (obscure but great garage band from England) and you have The Omega Men sound. "The Spy Fi Sounds.." is great garage rock n roll that's 60's based, but produced in modern yet not too polished fashion. The band performs 15 tracks- 11 originals and 4 covers (including an excellent version of "Beat Girl" by The John Barry 7). Their original material rocks and swings (as in the swingin' A Go-Go 60's) with soul (very good Hammond organ by Susan Mackey), jangle-full guitars (by Rhythm guitarist Mark Ebeling)and raspy-raw vocals (by singer/guitarist Jonathan Sipes).Check out the surfy "Theme from XKE", the cool mod-fest that is "My favorite Dean Martian" and the growling vocal number, "Mania for Blondes"! “The Spy Fi Sounds of The Omega Men" is the one, baby! GW Amazon

1. Mania For Blondes 2. Beat Girl 3. She Comes In Colors 4. Theme From Custom XKE 5. Susan Goes To Work 6. Cat Robot 7. Soul Dressing 8. G Marks The Spot 9. Sack O' Woe 10. Slow Traffic 11. My Favorite Dean Martian 12. Diablo Sandwich 13. Flat Tire 14. You'll Never Miss Me 15. Spectre Of The Gun Omega


Brandonio! said...

Da boss , I swear you have been reading my freakin' mind.I was so going to request this album tonight. I was listening to the stellar comp "Instrumental Fire"on Musick records. I have own this cd since the day it was released if you can believe that. Anyway it was a good reminder to me that i need to hear The Omega Men's album for some damn reason this is the only record from that awesome label that i haven't heard all the way through. It has been eating away in the back of my mind for a decade or so. It's really to bad they didn't produce more material. they have came together for a few tribute albums . hey they even played a song with Eddie Angel on the Ventures trib. I really wonder what became of this band. well once again thanks.

Trustar said...

Thanks much for the spy tunz Big Boss Man.

Doing a damn fine job here my friend.


THXjay said...

Yep, sure is a mighty fine one, may be adding this to my line-up if that's OK.

Thanks Boss


Beat said...

Greetings. Cool blog ya got going here. I supplied the backbeat for The Omega Men all those years ago, and the basement of my house was our reverb-drenched playroom. It's nice to see some kindred spirits who understand the sonic power and passion that makes the spy-fi sound so timeless. Did you see that the Ventures are up for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year? It's about friggin' time they are recognized for their incalculable contribution to modern music! Anyway ... thanks for the kind words about our music.

DaBoss said...

I love the Instrumental Fire comp!!! One of the best modern comps out there. Then I look up each band and see what they have, a great starting place. Sometimes comps are the on ly place you can hear great stuff because the bands never made it for some reason or another, but they still left a mark.


Thanks for tuning in -- it's always satisfying when a member of the group whose music I'm posting adds more insight and observations to what we are hearing. It helps to know that the music makers out there also dig what we do. The more exposure the better. Thanks again and keep checking in for more super spy-fi and other kool soundz.

Yes, am really glad the Ventures are up for the R'n'R Hall of Fame. It's about damn time!!!!!


Jonathan Sipes said...
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Wilthomer said...

Great band. They were even better live. The LP/CD sort of made them sound like a surf band with a Hammond, live they were like The Prisoners or The Bogeymen, way more gritty and soulful.

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