Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Modern Surf

Modern Surf Soundz

A nice surf instrumental compilation of contemporary bands assembled by David Arnson of the Insect Surfers for Orange Records -- the private label of Tower Records in Japan. He even wrote the liner notes. Various styles and tempos are represented here, some tracks don't totally sound "surf" at all. They pretty much represent the best that modern surf instrumental music had to offer at the time -- around 2000. Sadly the label and company are no more , but many of the bands still are... ENJOY.

1. surf cruiser- sultans of surf 2. stingray- insect surfers 3. el conquistador- death valley 4. el rey- satan's pilgrims 5. moon patrol-boardwalkers 6. swept away- shig n' buzz7. soul penetration- hillbilly soul surfers 8. pipeline to bagdad- 3 balls of fire 9. top fueler stomp- boss martians 10. western stars- the reventlos 11. krakatoa-the volcanos 12. angel with a devil's heart- davie allan and the arrows 13. insecticide -pollo del mar 14. another odd job- galaxy trio 15. raglan -the mermen



Unknown said...

Thanks Geaoge. By the way, what label was this on?

DaBoss said...

Hi Brian:
This is on the Orange label -- it was the private music label of Tower Records in Japan -- now defunct. Hope you liked it.

Anonymous said...

Hey George-
where is Eek?

DaBoss said...

Hi guys:
Sorry tried to contqact Eek personally and got no answer -- don't know what's up? Any ideas?

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