Monday, September 3, 2007

Burt's Back -- repaired

Hi guys --
Burt's back from the hairdresser's with a brand new do. He was very red-faced about his first outing which mussed his perfectly sprayed helmet hair. For some reason some folks could not get in the club properly. So --- to apologize and make up --- he 's doing a return performance and added an encore -- The Strangler's excellent take on "Walk on By". It will make you forget all about Dionne.

Here's the hot spot -- no pw.

Burt's back act 1

Burt's back act 2


Unknown said...

Asks for password....used "fcclounge" and still not unzipping. Maybe its just me. Tried winzip and Stuffit.

Unknown said...

Ok, I got it, but number 6 "God Give Me Strength" is corrupted. Downloaded it fine without this track. Hmmmmm....

DaBoss said...

Brian -- this is the third set up of this file. Might have to nuke it and start from scratch. As usual, it works fine for me. Anyone else have opening problems?

Unknown said...

Hey man, awesome post... but i'm having some problems while downloading.

Don't ask me why, but of all the sources in sharebee, none of them gives me a complete download.

Just a note: I'm already downloading from other blogs and everything is working fine.

Well, that's all... i'll be glad if you could answer this one.

Keep the good work, you're bookmarked ;)

Greetings from Brazil

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