Friday, May 7, 2010

From Latin to Jazz Dance V1

Volume One in this series of seriously intoxicating Latin and American Bossa-Samba-Jazz sounds! It all began in the '50s when composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, inspired by West Coast Jazz, helped to form a new music that blended together gentle Brazilian Samba rhythms and melodies with cool-toned improvising. These compilations contain the results of Jobim's influential musical experiment, as they feature a myriad of artists serving up a cocktail blend of rare original Brazilian and American Bossa Nova and Jazz from the 60's. Each volume comes complete with a different sexy vixen on each of the covers...and we do mean SEXY! Includes 16 tracks featuring classic performances by Les McCann, Mongo Santamaria, Cal Tjader, The Champs, The Hi-Lo's and many more. If you like this let me know - I'll post the rest.

01. Mongo Santamaria - Sweet Tater Pie (2:40) 02. Les McCann - Boo-Goo-Loo (2:46)
03. Dave Pike - Mathar (3:42) 04. The Champs - Caramba (2:14) 05. Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan - Watermelon Man (live) (5:15) 06. Cal Tjader - Samba Do Suenho (5:47) 07. Milton Banana Trio - Primitivo (2:40) 08. The Hi-Lo's - The Duck (2:09) 09. Alan Lorber Orchestra - Mas Que Nada (2:23) 10. Candido (Feat. Al Cohn) - Mambo Inn (4:57) 11. Willie Bobo - Bobo Do That Thing (2:19) 12. Juan Amalbert's Latin Jazz Quintet - Summertime (6:40) 13. Ahmad Jamal - Bogota (4:00) 14. Sonny Stitt - Little Red Suede Shoes (4:03) 15. Earl Grant - Fever (3:11)
16. The Mariachi Brass (Feat. Chet Baker) - Tequila (2:06)



Dan_invader said...

I LIKE this!!! Please, more!!! And, PLEASE, could you include the artwork?? ;-) Thanks a lot!!

polmarfi said...

Funnily enough, its a series that paints a fairly accurate picture of what was being played in the clubs in London in the 1980's. Wag, Sol-y-Sombra. I should know I was playing 'em..


Paul Murphy

B. Baltimore Brown said...

You have so many tasty treats lurking in the archives but the links aren't working. Any chance for re-ups for these rare gems?

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