Saturday, February 27, 2010

Va Thai Beat Agogo v1

More wild and funky instros and psyche intreprtations from the land of smiles. You won't be hearing these at your local thai eatery. Frak your guests out royally. Cheers.

1 Johnny Guitar - Kratae
2 Payom Moogda - Tamai Dern Sae (Why Do You Walk Like A Drunkard)
3 Vichan Maneechot - Dance, Dance, Dance
4 Sodsai Chaengkij - Shake Baby Shake
5 Cat - Meow 6 Starlight - Day Tripper
7 Johnny Guitar - Bangsaen '66
8 Der Dong Dang - Yipmerdai
9 Son Of P.M., The - Boongatanyon
10 Payom Moogda - Loomsiah
11 Viking Band, The - Phom Rak Khoon Tching Thing (I Really Do Love You)
12 Son Of P.M., The - James Bond Theme 13 Cat - Do The Watusi 14 Louis Kennedy - Poo Yai Lee 15 Johnny Guitar - Supannahong 16 Silver Sand - Kaw-Liga 17 Johnny Guitar - Klongyao 18 Paiboo - Yom Pha Barn Norn Pahwaa (Satan's Nightmare)
19 Cat - Hit The Road Jack 20 Jiraphand Ong-Ard - Muay Thai



Unknown said...

Hi man,
Thanks for this great blog
I've just DL a ton of great surf & garage-surf music. CDs that are impossible to find.

I have one request: Could you re-upload "Impala - Night Full of Sirens"
The DL link is dead,

Anonymous said...

please men, more al caiola albums
grettings from mexico

DaBoss said...

Will reup impalas next week or so's post - promise.

DaBoss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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