Saturday, February 13, 2010

M'Lumbo - Sacrifices to the Neon Gods

Many thanks to Mr. Fab at Music for Maniacs for turning me on to these guys.

M'lumbo are a trio of talented musical jokers aided by various guest musicians and hangers-on, who are more interested in challenging themselves than in reaching a mass audience. Here they offer wackily mutated interpretations of movie and TV themes, played with a vaguely free-jazz/world-beat orientation, including voice samples, jungle noises, and multilayered instrumentation. Each piece seems to tell a story loosly based on the tv theme. Very dense - each cut has 5 or 6 layers that swirl and collide and then start something new - great with headphones. The familiarity of the tv/movie themes tie it all together so even if you are not a fan of experimental music - this should still be listenable. One of the cool things about these guys is that they can carry off their complex wall of sound live. Go see'em if you can. For those of you who like the edge of the jungle exotica - this is beach. It will grow on you like a serious drink of jungle juice - enjoy - if you dare.

1. Hawaii Five-O (Lumba Ladda Dey - In Concert) 2. Medley: Addams Family Theme-Jingle Bells-I Dream Of Jeannie-Pefidia-Night On Bald Mountain 3. Perry Mason 4. Medley: The James Bond Theme - Star Trek 5. Theme From The Jeffersons Movin' On Up - Police State 6. Mickey Mouse 7. Birds Of Fire - Love Theme From The Fourth 8. Alfred Hithcock Theme 9. Get Smart - Mussorgsky Christmas Medley 10. I Love Lucy (M'Lumbo Christmas Medley - In Concert)


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Plague said...

tried DLing this three times now- drops out after about 90 each time. Maybe splitting a file this big into more than one file?

DaBoss said...

As requested - smaller dls - possibly easier? Thanks

Zer0_II said...

All of the download links are no longer working. I would love to have this. If you have the time to reupload this would you mind leaving a message over on my blog? Take care.


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