Monday, October 27, 2008

Reverb Syndicate - Sputink A - Go-Go

This time, The Reverb Syndicate give their second effort a more relaxed, spacier, surfier sound. It sounds as if they're busy defending us from some sort of space invaders one-handed while holding a martini in the other. (Hey, these guys were busy saving the world from the-GASP-Top 40 with their first release, Operation: Jet Set.) If you liked their first offering (see archives), you'll like the second. This time around we find the band deep in space to launch its latest offering, Sputnik A-Go-Go. A collection of ten Syndicate originals, combining the spy/surf of 2006’s Operation: Jet Set! with theremin-laced, double-picking surf rock from the depths of space!

Review from Phil Dirt at Reverb Central: (

This is the second release from The Reverb Syndicate. The whole album is light hearted, rich in imagery, and fluid. Sputnik A-Go-Go is a very listenable and enjoyable release.

The full review is at

I like it!

1 This Is Not A Test 2 Lunar Attack! 3 Sputnik A-Go-Go 4 Bolshevik Boogie 5 The Martini Cluster 6 The Lonely Henchman 7 La Balada De Senor Esquivel 8 Escape From The Village 9 Belka & Strelka's Big Adventure 10 Theremania! 11 Trans-Siberian Sunset



gioser said...

Muchos Gracias!!!!

paul said...

Thanks once again.
Cheers Paul

drelefun said...

This stuff is timeless. Thanx for introduceing me to them.

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