Saturday, March 20, 2010

Strictly Instrumental 11 FCCL EXCLUSIVE!!

This is it! The final installment in the series so far - you got it 1st right here!!!
More great instros.

1. Lemon Lime - The Tempests
2. R. R. Boogie - The Rhythm Rockers
3. Chug-a-Lug - The Viscounts
4. War Paint - The Rebel Rouserst
5. Flintales Rock - The Flintalesk
6. Shortnin' Bread - The Fabulous Playboys
7. Midnight - The Tempests
8. Let Down - The Marlins
9. Poor Boy - The Royaltones 10. Dig - The Viscounts 11. Breaker - The Polaras 12. Comin' Through - The Rhythmics 13. Do It - The Countdowns
14. Razorback - The Savoys 15. Wail! - The Royaltones 16. Saw Mill Run - The Marlins 17. Hanky-Panky - Jay Brown & the Jets 18. Chicken Run - Alfredo Mendieta & Guitar 19. Besame Mucho - The Rhythmics 20. Downshiftin - The Ree-Gents 21. Egghead - Al Allen 22. Tension - Jay Bee & the Kats 23. Curfue - The Scavengers 24. Breaktime - The Bel-Tones 25. Shazam #1 - Mitch Wayne & the United Sounds 26. Count Down - The Tempests 27. Rocking the Guitar - Jay Brown & the Jets 28. Spring Time Rock - Jimmie Volk



ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ said...

Thanks for this "entire" set. You da man. Da Boss man.

Troy McClure said...

You got me wetting my pants!

Thanks dude! Good show!

Brandonio! said...

What a fine journey it's been with this collection.Nice exclusive!
DaBoss delivers the goods!

J.R. Williams said...

Excellent, many thanks! I have a number of instrumental comps available in my Flickr photostream:

Exeter said...

I just ordered this set and have yet to receive it, but now it's on my computer!

Dan_invader said...

Guess the words just don't work in this case but... ;-) The more I visit you, the more I like your blog... Great taste!! Keep on rockin'!

Gerard said...

Thanks from me

Mr. Clem said...

Excellent set. Thanks so much for posting them all. As someone who loves instrumentals (and thinks American Idol is useless) I'm very glad to have found your blog.

Alan said...

Thank You, my friend - now all I need is Shiver And Shake - Buffalo Bop CD 55196 and my work will be done

KL from NYC said...

I've got that strange Sharebee error message again:
"Due to unknown reasons this action has failed. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience. Our staff has been notified of this problem and will launch an investigation to find out how this can occur, please try again later."
It doesn't say the file is deleted, it just implies that they don't know why I can't access it (and I don't know why, either).

KL from NYC said...

It's "later" and I copied the link in the Sharebee browser:


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