Saturday, March 13, 2010

Impala - Night Full of Sirens Repost

In my opinion, Impala was one of the greatest, and easily the most underrated of the recent instrumental surf revivalists – hailing from Memphis, Tn, no less. This is an outstanding compendium of their best pieces. Slow, sensuous, sleazy sax over the fast pulse of a great rhythm section. Exotic, melodic guitar riffs instead of the usual tube-amp thrash that tries to pass itself off as surf these days. This album creates a beautifully sleazy, neon-lit pulsating world. What a great way to start a new post!

1. Ltd A Go Go 2. Mr. Here 3. Taos Pueblo 4. Experiment In Terror / Stalkin'
5. Hell Of A Woman 6. Odalisque 7. Ronnie And The Renegades
8. Wild Night At The Bloody Bucket 9. Last Tango In Turrell
10. Anna Vienna 11. Incident On The 10Th Floor 12. The Hearse
13. King Louie Stomp 14. Nothing More Than Murder 15. Penetration
16. Venus Flytrap 18. Epilogue 19. Squad Car 20. Tomb Of The Tupelo Twin
21. Blue Light Of Capricorn 22. Night Full Of Sirens 23. Herculanium
24. Rope Of Sand 25. Choctaw 26. Jet Action Brunette 27. Cozy Corner 28. The Scratch 29. Makin' It 30. Amarillo

Removed by request


Brandonio! said...

Possibly one of the best instro best ever!

Brandonio! said...

best instro bands ever is what I meant!

Paolo said...

This is the band that got me hooked on surf/instro music in the first place. They fit into a genre i like to call 'Late Night' music (for want of a better term, along with stuff like Tom Waits, and some lounge and blue note jazz music). It's the sound you want to keep you compamy when your one of the last few people in a late bar. It's got a dark magic quality that's unique, and it's the saxaphone that nails it. It's free so give a listen. Could be the start of a great adventure like it was for me.

1.FCN said...

without any doubt this is a very good band.
but I don't understand why they don't put the FULL Rancho Reverb album on this anthology as a kind of reprint.

there's also an other album called
Impala Play R&B Favorites in circulation, with some outtakes and (poor) live recordings.

looks like making some extra money with some old stuff. for me absolute no need to purchase this album.

As I mentioned this is a very good band ...

Unknown said...

Thanks Man, you've kept your promise!
Icehouce reissued recently their Impala's albums. I've bought 'El Rancho Reverbo' and it's great.
Do you have by chance Impala's Estrus albums:'Square Jungle' 'Play R&B Favorites' and 'Kings of the Strip EP'? If you have one or more of them it'll be nice if you could UL them some day.
Thanks again'

Anonymous said...

have fun Rondomali - and all others

Unknown said...

Hi guys - looks like we got a winner here. This is a "best of" comp - sort of - with examples from all of their earlier albums - all but 1 song from 'Kings of the Strip EP' is here along with the better cuts from
'Play R&B Favorites'. I agree with 1.FCN don't waste your money on these two. Thanks Black Sea for posting Square Jungle, beat me to it. I'll post "Rancho Reverb" next time and "Teenage Tupelo" has already been posted here - check archives.

I like the idea of sharing in a unified way - if you have other suggestions for pooling our posts, please speak up - and maybe we can all help each other fill in holes in our collections.

Mr. Trashe said...

Thanks for this one man!! really really apreciated.
I lost this album, is really great!! all collection of Impala thanks!!

Brisbane Bopper said...

New follower here. Thanks for this! I had a note on my computer to ask you to re-post this one and The Bombora's 'Organ Grinder'. Any chance to get that one too?

Chris Casey said...

Excellent stuff! Thanks for sharing this one. I noticed that track 18 (Epilogue) seems to be missing from the download, though. I downloaded both parts twice and each time I extracted the files, there was no track 18. No big deal, really, as I plan on buying the actual disc--but, I was just curious to know if anyone else had had any issues with this.
Again...GREAT post!! Coolest blog I have found so far, too. Thanks!!

Brisbane Bopper said...

Chris, track 18 'Epilogue' came through OK on my download. I used 7-Zip and extracted both files simultaneously.

Chris Casey said...

Thanks, Brisbane Bopper!
I actually had success on my third attempt. No telling what the problem was (most likely something to do with my ancient PC).

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