Friday, June 6, 2008

B Boy Breaks - Originals sampled by the B Boys

A rare find. I love finding the connections within the songs and seeing where the source material comes from. With the Beastie Boys moving into the jazzier side of town, I thought it would be cool to add the historical references to some of their stuff. Here are some of those familiar and yet semiunknown riffs that they used to create their work. Some nice stuff here in its unadulterated state. even if you are not a BBoy fan, you might like this. Enjoy.

Idris Mohammed - Lorens Dance 2. Gene Harris - Put On Train3. Cedar Walton - Jacob's Ladder 4. Eugene Mcdaniels - Headless Heros5. Funkadelic - I'll Bet You 6. Ballin Jack - Never Let Em Say7. Jimmy Smith - Root Down 8. Sly Stone - Loose Booty9. Jeremy Steig - Howling For Judy 10. Funk Factory - Rien Ne Va Plus11. Jimi Hendrix - Gotta Have It 12. The Blues Project - Flute Thing



brad32 said...

cool - I like stuff like this too. I learned a ton of stuff from Public Enemy's "...Nation of Millions..." cd. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, this seems to have been deleted. Shame, too. But, a great site, nonetheless, with some great damn music.

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