Friday, June 13, 2008

Guitar Hot Shots - VA

There is some fine guitar playing on this sampler of Hightone Records roots acts, including the Telecaster brilliance of Redd Volkaert on "Breakneck," Dave Alvin blasting (pun intended) through an extended live version of his "Long White Cadillac," the ageless Dick Dale on "Esperanza," and the roots/punk drive of the Domino Kings on "Some Kind of Sign," featuring the twin Telecasters of Steve Newman and Richie Rebuth. Also worth noting here is Chris Smither’s shimmering and sparkling take on Robert Johnson’s "Dust My Broom." Fun stuff.

1. Popbelly The Morells 2. Breakneck Redd Volkaert 3. Rockin' Gypsy Deke Dickerson
4. Long White Cadillac Dave Alvin 5. Deiter's Lounge The Hellecasters
6. City of Angels Joe Louis Walker 7. Mission to Moscow The Hot Club Of Cowtown
8. Martian Guts Dave Biller & Jeremy Wakefield 9. Some Kind of Sign The Domino Kings 10. Esperanza Dick Dale 11. Dust My Broom Chris Smither 12. Natural Ball Otis Rush 13. Playin' in the Dirt Robert Cray



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art58koen said...

nice sampler, thanks!

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