Friday, June 27, 2008

KOHALA – Cool Breeze

KOHALA’s music - instrumental arrangements for acoustic and classical guitars – a kind of laid back surfy island jazz, reflects the beauty of the Kohala region on the Big Island where the trio lives. Kohala fans are people of all ages who appreciate the beauty of acoustic instruments and great guitar playing. "Cool Breeze", Kohala's 6th CD, is an expression of many of the influences found in Hawaii - Hawaiian, Latin, Japanese, Pacific Rim, and jazz. For the first time Kohala has recorded some tracks with percussion. "...some of the most beautiful instrumental acoustic tunes I've heard in a few years...the music is fantastic!" Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire, October 2006

1. Night Marchers 2. Summer Stroll 3. Tres Amigos 4. Manatsuno Kajitsu 5. Her Secret Smile 6. Winds of Kohala 7. Last Kiss 8. Samba Pacific
9. Sunlight Moonlight 10. I Will 11. Hills of Heather



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