Friday, June 27, 2008

The Reverb Syndicate - Operation Jet Set

To celebrate their new disc of reberb drenched spy-fi soundz – we bring you a blast from the past ----
The Reverb Syndicate is a crack team of free thinking, strong willed (and even stronger chinned) individuals from Ottawa Canada who form a top secret intelligence agency sworn to uphold the freedom of martini swilling bachelor pads and good taste. They are four, sixties-styled men that can - nay, will - make a difference in our modern world. Each agent is a trained covert tactical specialist, armed with exceptional taste in music, bucket-loads of charisma and their own god-given talents. Our heroes will use the purest form of music to combat the evil plans of commercial radio and ensure that popular youth culture will never succumb to the mind withering conformity of Top 40. What music is still pure you ask? The reverb soaked, red-lined, key pounding all out assault of SPY-FI!Review:Operation: Jet Set! -- has got everything you could want in the latest Flint or Matt Helm flick... cool, surf-style instrumentals that would make Hank B Marvin and his fellow Shadows proud --Allan Wigney, The Ottawa SunMuch of the music here is very inviting from an arrangement and playing perspective, as well as lovely tone. The Reverb Syndicate have a number of very good songs here, and I found myself enjoying it more the more I listened. --Phil Dirt, Reverb Central ( )
1 - Theme To "Operation: Jet Set!" 2 - I Am The New Number Two3 - Oil Slicks And Ejector Seats 4 - On To Checkpoint Bravo5 - Shake Don't Stir 6 - The Code Is ********7 - I Am Not A Pleasure Unit 8 - Zis Is KAOS! 9 - M's Lament10 - Inlet Of Dire Consequences 11 - ...And The Hero Gets The Girl
Hello! Agent Vic20 from the Reverb Syndicate here. We just stumbled on this blog, and we would like to encourage you to download our album. We think it's pretty good, and we hope you enjoy it! If you don't like it, that's okay too. We understand. If you do enjoy it, and you're considering picking up a copy foryourself, it's only $9.97 on CDBaby. How cool is that? We promise that no proceeds will go to major labels, A&R guys, slickadvertising campaigns or $100,000 music videos directed by Spike Lee. We're a completely independent band with no music business ties whatsoever. All proceeds will go towards the recording and productionof our second album we'd like to make in the fall.Thanks for listening! Tell your friends! Keep in touch!
Cheers!Agent Vic20
Go buy their EXCELLENT new set – Sputnik A-Go-Go at CDBABY here NOW!!!!
I already have mine and it does not disappoint!!

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Paul Scrabo said...

Just ordered both CDs thru Cd baby, Thanks for info and a great blog site.

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