Friday, June 6, 2008

Link Quartet - Italian Playboys

Going funky this time around. I can't help but think of Booker T & the MG's on steroids when listening to this disc. The musicians are solid players who've definately done their homework in recreating a late sixties feel to their songs. With an agile rhythm section, an acid guitar, and a Hammond organ that alternates between sounds full of sharpness and liquid atmospheres it is raw 60's drenched fuel to feed a world dominated by an otherwise anemic and bland soundscape. How Hammond organ funk is meant to be heard. Dig it!

01. Move Move Move 02. Italian Playboys 03. Deliquesced by Devonshire
04. The Monster of Milwaukee 05. Rubber Monkey (from Jon Lord)
06. Greased On Delta Street 07. Janine 08. Portofino Vespa Rider feat. Doug Roberson
09. Ladyshave feat. NINFA 10. Glass Onion 11. Briar Patch (from Jack McDuff)
12. After and Once Again 13. Spider Baby feat. Eddie Roberts14. Take Four



Brandonio! said...

Hey all you downloaders out there you need to start leaving a comment over here.DaBoss puts up one of the best site's around and rarely does anyone ever leave a even a thanks. Stop being so ungrateful you lazy ass's.

Mr. Trashe said...

thanks! i love this band.

DaBoss said...

Thanks Brandonio - we live to serve.

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