Friday, June 27, 2008

Sounds Orchestral - Meet James Bond

Sounds Orchestral – Meet James BondThis is not a soundtrack or the original pieces as heard in the James Bond movies, instead these are loungified bachelor pad martini instrumentals INSPIRED by the James Bond scores. You will recognize the familiar themes and motifs, just a little bit on laid back, whacked out side. Fun background and party music to relax and chill to.Review:Sounds Orchestral was, for a time, Pye Records' answer to EMI's Sounds Incorporated, although unlike their better known rivals, they were more of a studio ensemble and never got into the position of touring with the Beatles. The group was formed in early 1965 by Pye Records producer John Schroeder, who perceived an audience looking for a sound other than the driving Liverpool beat that had dominated the British airwaves and charts for almost two years. The original line-up included veteran pianist John Pearson, born in 1925 and a bit long-of-tooth to be competing in the rock 'n' roll world, and ex-Johnny Dankworth drummer Kenny Clare, along with 21-year old bassist Tony Reeves, later of Curved Air, Greenslade, and Colosseum, among other bands. Their rendition of "Black Is Black" was a popular dance record, and has turned up on several Northern Soul collections. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music

01 – Thunderball 02 – Solitaire 03 - Goldfinger Theme04 - Mr - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 05 - Blues for Pussy06 - Mr – Oddjob 07 – Moonshot 08 - James Bond Theme 09 - Spectre10 - From Russia With Love 11 - Kissy Suzuki 12 - 007 Theme

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