Friday, June 6, 2008

The Beastie Boys - The In Sound from Way Out

American bands have never gotten in the habit of their British counterparts, who tend to release lots of extended singles filled out with not-meant-for-prime-time experimentations. If the Beasties had gotten into that habit, this would be their B-side compendium: a dozen instrumental tracks showing off their groovier side, complete with plenty of wahwah on the guitar and prominence given to frequent Beastie collaborators "Money" Mark Nishita (keyboards) and Eric Bobo (percussion). It's tough to believe that the same band is responsible for this and the Aglio e Olio EP, but it goes a long way in explaining how they've remained viable for so long. --Randy Silver

Part funk, part bluesy jazz, and part Beasties experimentation, it's all good. There's a track with some Tibetan monk chanting, some vaguely Zepplin tracks, and mostly funky hip-hop. It's got this "secret recording" feeling to it, because the album seemed to slip under the radar of many beastie fans. I was suprised at the musicianship of these guys, as its way better than anything they've done before or since. Check it. Fake out your friends at parties –they won’t believe it either.

1. Groove Holmes 2. Sabrosa 3. Namaste 4. Pow 5. Son Of Neckbone
6. In 3's 7. Eugene's Lament 8. Bobo On The Corner 9. Shambala 10. Lighten Up 11. Ricky's Theme 12. Transitions 13. Drinkin' Wine


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Troy McClure said...

I confess the Beasties are quite far away from my wish list, but a freind of mine lent me this CD many years ago, and I found out this album contains very good tunes, apart from proving the band is very skillfull and show their "musicianship" to the highest degree.
We covered NAMASTE and recorded it live. Our version is not that good though, but I recommend this record to those being skeptical (like I was)

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