Saturday, April 10, 2010

Best of Rockabilly Instrumentals V1

Not all great rockabilly sides had vocals. Here are 21 examples. This CD features a rare Tennesse Two instrumental, Luther Perkins "Blues For Two", one of the few times that Johnny Cash was not singing when the Tennessee Two were playing. Another guitar legend, James Burton, gives his unique style to "Mystery Train". Plus, the CD includes Ritchie Valens as Arvee Allens doing "Fast Freight". Yes, somebody from the Rock-A-Teens goes "Woo-Hoo" all through the recording, but it is still an instrumental. Some stuff you might have, some new - all excellent sound quality and rockin'. Boogie down all. HEEHAWWWWW!
Dance Contest Link Wray & The Wraymen
Guitar Boogie Arthur Smith
Bulldog Johnny & The Impalas
Mystery Train James Burton
Lemon Time Henry & Casperon Stewart
Scat Car Scat Jaguars
Blues For Two The Tennessee Two
Woo-Hoo The Rock-A-Teens
Flip, Flop, And Bop Floyd Cramer
Crossfire Johnny & The Hurricanes
Fast Freight Arvee Allens (Ritchie Valens)
Weeping Willow Rock The Hi-Tombs
Rebel Rouser Duane Eddy
Boogie Medley Evelyn & The Ivorytones
Termite Firebirds
Wild Bird The Jiv-A-Tones
Bloodshot The String Kings
Dragster Johnny Fortune
Juke Box Shuffle Hardrock Gunter & The Pop-Corn Poppers
Red Ants Off Beats
Forty Miles Of Bad Road Duane Eddy



Unknown said...

Hi Man,

I have a request.
Some years ago I bought Mel Waldorf's new band CD. The band is called 'Meshugga Beach Party' and the music was a blend of surf and traditional Jewish music, very cool.
Mel, from the Mel-Tones, is a great player and I heard that he has a new album with his Meshugga band called Let's go shleppin'. I want to hear it before buying. Do you have it by chance? and If you have, could you post it?
Thanks for a great blog...

Unknown said...

Great Collection! Thank you. Mystery Train by James Burton is amazing.

Jim said...

I found this CD on ebay. It rocks!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

As Volume 1 of "The Best of Rockabilly Instrumentals showed", not all great rockabilly sides had vocals. Here are 21 more examples. This CD also features a rare Tennesse Two instrumental, Luther Perkins "Bandana", who needed the Man In Black to be singing. Town Hall Party's Joe Maphis is heard on this CD playing "Guitar Rock & Roll". There are even a couple of hot rod instrumentals included, "Flashin' Red" and "Road Runnah".
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