Friday, July 17, 2009

Rhythm Room Blues

Bob Corritore - producer, musician & club owner - delivers this single live CD by performers ranging from Delta blues to West Coast to Chicago! First out is Mr. Kim Wilson, harmonica ace and singer in the tradition of Smiley Lewis and Jr Parker. His cover of Sonny Boy's shuffle "Eyesight of the blind" sets the mood and tells everyone what this will be about: straight blues from the heart! R L Burnside plays Delta guitar with deep soul, Nappy Brown brings more of the swinging West Coast style and Henry Gray (from Howlin' Wolf's old band) gives us some the trademark Chicago big town blues. Despite the various styles on this CD it is an engaging listen, with top-notch musicians including Bob Corritore on harp and excellent sound. The final track, the often covered Eddie Boyd slow blues "Five Long Years" oozes out of the speakers with Rusty Zinn and Billy Flynn trading stinging guitar lines and on top of that Kim Wilson's killer harp tone and emotional singing! This is over 10 minutes of emotion - and you can even hear a couple of reeds in Kim's Chromatic harp buzzing of exhaustion in the onslaught. As a sampler of contemporary blues artists in a live setting this is a good CD, but it may be more of a memory to anyone who's ever been at the Rhythm Room or fans of a specific artist on the album. Either case, this is good music that definitely deserves to be heard.

1. Eyesight To The Blind Kim Wilson With Bob Corritore 2. Rollin' & Tumblin' R.L. Burnside With Bob Corritore 3. Livin' Too Close To The Edge Sonny Rhodes With Bob Corritore 4. Sinner's Prayer Henry Gray With Bob Corritore 5. How'd You Learn To Shake It Like That Sam Lay With Bob Corritore 6. Long Haired Donkey R.L. Burnside With Bob Corritore 7. Henry's Houserocker Henry Gray With Bob Corritore 8. In My Younger Days Mojo Buford With Bob Corritore 9. Nightmare Blues R.L. Burnside With Bob Corritore 10. Lemon Squeezin' Daddy Nappy Brown With Bob Corritore 11. Goin' Down South R.L. Burnside With Bob Corritore 12. I'm Gonna Shoot Her Sam Lay With Bob Corritore 13. Five Long Years Kim Wilson With Bob Corritore


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