Friday, July 3, 2009

The Civil Tones – Vodka and Peroxide

The Civil Tones are back! Their third cd for Pravda Records is a great continuation of their soul-groove, jazzy influenced 60's vibe that they have perfected on all three of their cds. Vodka and Peroxide takes sudden twists and turns in tempo, feel and style, all within a catchy groove and Hammond organ laced melody. Recorded in their home town of St. Louis, "Vodka and Peroxide" adds horn arrangements to the guitar stylings of Robin Allen and organ grooves of John Holt. The rhythm section of Dave Hilditch on bass and John Kosla on drums rounds out the sound that sometimes reminds you of an old record on Stax out of Memphis. The trademark Civil Tones sound has been heard on many television shows such as Sex In the City and the Osbournes. Pour yourself a dry martini and enjoy...

1.Vodka and Peroxide 2. Gin Soaked Olive 3. Wasabi 4. Papaya 5. Junior's Back 6. Pocket Watch Chain Gang 7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv theme) 8. Mole 9. Happy Feet 10. Swingster 11. Checkmate 12. Super Love Bomb



Mr. Suave said...

Fanfreakintastic. Another great share. Thanx.

The HART Break Kid said...

I'm so happy to discover The Civil Tones. But your links doesn't work.. I think that only the Rotisserie Twist works.

I need to download the Vodka and Peroxicide.

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