Friday, July 3, 2009

The Civil Tones – Rotisserie Twist

The debut cd for the Civil Tones out of St Louis, MO is an instrumental tour de force that combines the instrumental sounds of soul, R&B, rock groove, and jazzy surf, to create a cd loaded with catchy riffs and guitar-organ grinds. The arrangements are the kinds of style you may find on an old Stax or Hi-Records disc. Sudden twists in tempo, feel, and style make this an interesting listen from start to finish. The Hammond organ, guitar, bass, and drums are the key instruments here, with a major groove at every turn.

1. Rotisserie Twist 2. Onions Only 3. Hurricane 4. Trepidation 5. Jug-R-Not 6. Sensible Shoes For Barbie 7. "H" Is For Harlot 8. The Bailiff 9. Dia De Los Muertos 10. Mall Driver 11. Gin Rummy



Brandonio! said...

Cousin Crispy certainly makes his greasy presence known on this one!Delicious ! Thanks Da Boss!

Anonymous said...

if your eyes also getting weak, try this one:

(front sleeve)


The Black Sea Surfer

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