Friday, July 3, 2009

The Mount McKinleys Stacked Up and Get it

The Mount McKinley’s have broadened their basic garage sound a bit to include theremin, organ and a horn section. Think the Stones meets garage punk, with organ and theremin. In stacked up, they move past their normal garage punk to make one of the most diverse and well written albums around. From pounding riffs like Think Twice and their amazing cover of Count Five's "Peace of mind", to instrumental tracks like "The Goat", this is a must have. This more adventuresome sound does not diminish their garage attack at all, it makes it more uniquely listenable.

1. Think Twice 2. The Goat 3. Outside In 4. Deep Shag 5. Empire State Yeah 6. Numbered For The Bottom 7. Straight Jacket 8. Miracle Mile 9. You Got Love 10. White Shoes 11. Stacked Up 12. No Last Time 13. Peace of Mind


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1Surfrider said...

Looking forward to this.

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