Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gary Hoey – Animal Instinct

Gary Hoey is one of the best “unknown” guitar players out there. This covers the spectrum of rock, from the hard-driving opening "Mass Hysteria" to the subtle groove of "Bert's Lounge" to the soaring blues of "Texas Son" to the the mellow tones of "Motown Fever" to the blissfully sad "Fade to Blue" to the Satriani-like cruising tune, "Drive" and a solid cover of “Hocus Pocus”. More listenable then either Satriani or Vai. What he does is makes music people like to listen to. It doesn't change keys a thousand times, it just has a beat and good melody you can sing. That's why I like Gary Hoey. The End.

1. Mass Hysteria 2. Animal Instinct 3. Hocus Pocus 4. Bert's Lounge 5. Texas Son 6. Deep South Café 7. Motown Fever 8. Fade to Blue 9. Drive 10. Jamie

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