Saturday, July 25, 2009

Booker T and the MG's – definitive collection

This collection illustrates how Booker T & The MGs helped define, almost more than any other single factor, the spare, economical and groove-heavy sound of Memphis soul music. I am always concerned with sound quality and I like the mastering on this. The background noise is all gone, the instruments are all clear, and someone has finally gotten smart and not cranked the bass out of proportion as has been done on a lot of remasters of 60's and 70's music. This is an excellent compilation. I would highly recommend it for anyone just getting to know Booker T or long time fans.


1. Green Onions 2. Behave Yourself 3. Jellybread 4. Home Grown 5. Chinese Checkers 6. Mo' Onions 7. Tic-Tac-Toe 8. Soul Dressing 9. Con't Be Still 10. Terrible Thing 11. Boot-Leg 12. Outrage 13. Be My Lady 14. Summertime 15. Jingle Bells



1. Hip Hug-Her 2. My Sweet Potato 3. Booker-Loo 4. Groovin' 5. Slim Jenkin's Place 6. Soul Sanction 7. Pigmy 8. Red Beans and Rice [Live] 9. Soul-Limbo 10. Hang 'Em High 11. Time Is Tight 12. Mrs. Robinson 13. Slum Baby 14. Something 15. Melting Pot



Twang Zombie said...

Thanks, but... zshare is awfully slow for me.

Exeter said...

Waiting 50 seconds for a download to start doesn't seem very inconvenient to me, when Fat City Cigar Lounge has done all the work for you.
I appreciate what I find here, and thanks for all the hard work!

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