Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits

This compilation of electronic music starts out as a fun and highly enjoyable listening experience, and begins to drag a bit. A mix of classic and cheesy, it a fun quirky ride through synth land. It has some hard to find cuts -- "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" by Gil Trythall, and both of Electrik Cokernut's covers of pop songs ("Jeepster" & "Back Off Boogaloo") are here. “E.V.A." by Jean Jacques Perrey, which sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday, and "Bond St." by Enoch Light and the Light Brigade which, although it barely features any synthesizers, is a highly entertaining version of the Burt Bacharach tune. The remix by Fatboy Slim is pretty much filler. Despite its flaws, I would still recommend this to anyone interested in the origins of modern electronic music, anyone who wants the song "Popcorn", or anyone who loves Disneyland ("Baroque Hoedown" is the theme song with an electronically enhanced voice...."Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade!").

1. Popcorn - Hot Butter 2. Savers - Perrey-Kingsley 3. E.V.A. - Jean-Jacques Perrey 4. Look of Love - Richard Hayman 5. Midnight Cowboy - Martin Denny 6. One Note Samba/Spanish Flea - Perrey-Kingsley 7. Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Gil Trythall 8. Bond Street - Enoch Light & the Light Brigade 9. Winchester Cathedral - Perrey-Kingsley 10. I Apologize Mr. Rossini - Armando Trovaioli 11. Baroque Hoedown - Perrey-Kingsley 12. Jeepster - Elecktrik Cokernut 13. Kinky Peanuts - Armando Trovaioli 14. Back Off Boogaloo - Elektrik Cokernut 15. Shank - First Moog Quartet 16. Moog Power - Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra 17. Give It Up Or Turn It Loose - Dick Hyman 18. Hey Hey - First Moog Quartet `19. E.V.A. - Jean Jacques Perrey (Fatboy Slim remix)


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MAD4MUSIC said...

I am loving this comp! It's making my my day! Praises unto DaBoss for sharing this!

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