Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tiki Taboo S/T

Tiki Taboo have a pretty traditional sound, but use a unique approach with their arrangements. In addition to the bass and drums, there are at least 3 guitars that work off each other very well and each guitar player seems to have their own style. There's a uniqueness to this band as well, with the guitarists having been involved in different bands and style of music makes for some unique guitar licks while keeping original melody. From the unmistakable opening Dick Dale staccato line of "Miserlou", to the closing strains of the Surfaris' "Wipeout", Tiki Taboo pretty much covers the big hits of surf music's heyday (or ho-dad). Also included in deluxe surf-a-sonic stereo are six originals. "Fortune Cookie" is a sneaky little thing complete with gong and a familiar faux-Chinese motif, and "Peking Duck" quacks along with a Chuck Berry-inspired shuffle. "Shark Bait" is the most aggressive rock song on the album (with a little Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused" quote thrown in for good measure). Decent trad surf with a more laid back flow.

1 Miserlou 2 Penetration 3 Surf Rider 4 Out Of Limits 5 Black Sand Beach 6 Endless Summer 7 Bumble Bee Twist 8 Bulldog 9 Rockin' The Cradle 10 Apache11 Fortune Cookie 12 Walk, Don't Run 13 Repent14 China Wall15 Pipeline16 Peking Duck 17 Shark Bait18 Diamond Head19 Wipeout


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