Friday, May 22, 2009

Husky and the Sandmen - Arabian Nights

Helsinki's Husky and the Sandmen are a four piece with lead guitar, organ, bass and drums. They have a unique sound blending the Euro thing with the Ventures. An adventurous band making excellent surf instrumentals in a modern trad vein. Lots of the tracks here stay with you after listening. Get their other set Ridin' The Wild Surf and some excellent info on the band from our buddy Brandonio over here at RockIsDead R.I.P. You can thank me later. Enjoy.

Arabian Nights, Stargate, Four Stroke Stomp, Malibu Run, Sands Of Redondo, Suki Yaki Stomp, Surfin' Mosquito, Cross Ties, Tube Surfer, Batcave, Big Cyclone, Hot Line, Contact Breaker, Lonely Wave


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