Friday, May 22, 2009

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - Real Live Remaster

Though shamefully neglected by rock history, this Frank Marino live performance will remind all who remembers Marino and his band Mahogany Rush just how wonderful a musician the man was and still is. With elements of the blues, jazz, middle eastern influences and pop music recorded as if it were intended for release in the late sixties., this is by far one of the best live performances I’ve heard in a long time. Stellar playing, long muscial improvs that make sense and almost NO vocals (yea!!!) and now you have the perfect recipe for one helluva guitar blowout! I first heard the track "Poppy" on XM radio last week and knew right then I had to have this. What I did not expect was over 2 hours of prog rock/blues/jazz perfection from a band I had only barely heard of before. My bad. I can say that this "work of art" is one very rare live collection. Definitely a keeper! I like this one better than the classic Mahogany Rush Double Live because DL has WAY TOO MANY distracting vocals and some boring noodling in the audience particiption cuts. Both are excellent - this one is better.

1. Voodoo Chile 2. ...Something's Comin' Our Way (Excerpt) 3. He's Calling 4. Red House 5. Guitar Prelude to a Hero 6. ...Stories of a Hero 7. Poppy 8. ...She's Not There 9. ...Crossroads 10. ...She's Not There (Return) 11. ...Poppy (Return)

fmmr d1p1


1. Let There Be 2. ...Strange Universe 3. ...Ode to Creation 4. ...Strange Universe 5. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 6. ...Ain't Dead Yet 7. ...Slippin' and Slidin' 8. ...Back to the Hall 9. ...Two 'N' Four (Just Joshin') 10. Avalon 11. ...Rumble 'N' Roll (For Pete's Sake) 12. ...Jazzed a Moment 13. ...Tales of the Unexpected 14. ...Return to Avalon 15. Rattle of Sabres 16. Electric Reflections of War 17. ...Aftermath 18. ...the World Anthem 19. ...A Prayer for Peace 20. Over the Rainbow 21. Try for Freedom

fmmr d2p1


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