Friday, May 1, 2009

Surf Guitar Villains – Cadillac Smile

Surf Guitar Villains are a Portland Oregon based recording and performing collective. The Villain sound is 60's and demented, with some rough edges left in to escape the cold exactness of the digital new frontier. The Villains are not local guitar heroes, nor masters of grunge or rap, instead the Villains make original post-modern music, as they do not have the patience to learn and play anyone else's. The name, is a play on words, 'Surf' refers to the more Strat laden bright Ventures sound that pops out from tune to tune.

This is not surf at all in the traditional sense. With Dire Straits low key vocals and easy, laid back loping song structures – this is more for a lazy afternoon than riding the tube. Nice diversion for something a little different.

1 The Road Back 2 Life on a Napkin 3 Laura's Song 4 Sultans of Surf 5 Barcelona6 Is it Really Us? 7 200 Miles From Nowhere 8 Cadillac Smile 9 Garage Jam #2



billiam said...

Us of the Surf Guitar Villains appreciate your kind recommendation. Check out the new stuff if you folks have the opportunity!

Unknown said...

Surf Guitar Villains is good stuff! Kick back, listen, and enjoy.

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