Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Beach Boys - Instrumental Hits

Here is EVERY instrumental track officially released by The Beach Boys (from Surfin' Sufari through 20/20), all neatly compiled on one album. As usual, the Japanese hold the standard for archival quality masters, but most fans already own all the tracks. For instrumental collectors and the uninitiated, however, this is a gem. Resonably well played covers of popular hits of the time with a few vocal hummmms ala Bboys, it’s a pleasant listen and cool for trivia. Excellent sound quality for it’s time.

1. Moon Dawg 2. Misirlou 3. Stoked 4. Honky Tonk 5. Surf Jam 6. Let's Go Trippin' 7. The Roking Surfer 8. Boogie Woodie 9. After The Game 10. Shut Down, Part II 11. Denny's Drums 12. Carl's Big Chance 13. Let's Go Trippin (Live) 14. Summer Means New Love 15. Let's Go Away For Awhile 16. Pet Sounds 17. Fall Breaks And Back To Winter (Woody Woodpeckers Symphany) 18. Passing By 19. Diamond Head 20. The Nearest Faraway Place


Unknown said...

hey man,that link is all broken,can you fix it,please?

MCA said...

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