Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Ray and the Futuras S/T

First CD from this Massachusetts trio. The arranging is generally solid enough to cover for the lack of a second guitar. This is a decent mix for a first time out. There are some really bright spots, and some pedestrian and less interesting spots. Some tracks suffer from a lack of melody, while others are quite good. The overall feel is surf, with a touch o sci-fi. The thing is, the good tracks are quite good, and the so-so tracks are not bad, just not very interesting. Tracks 10 through 13 were recorded live (soundboard, most likely), and suffer from the house sound guy blues (too much kick drum, too little music), though they are better than many I've heard as of late. Very nice and hard to get. Enjoy.

Hot Rod, Entra Venus, Low Tide, Lug Nut, Surf Hammer, Life On Mars, Ranchero, The Slam, Area 51, Secret Agent Man, Mr. Moto, Life On Mars, Vengeance


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