Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Infrareds S/T

First one by the one of the fastest playing surf bands ever. The writing is good and fairly original, and the playing is excellent. The biggest problem here is the mix, which buries the power of the guitar so it sounds more laid back than it should. They improved with their 2nd and 3rd releases – see archives – but this one is still very much worth having.

Track 10 is a 2fer -out at 4:50 on track 10 is a nice little chunker, after about 1:45 or so of silence. It's not melodic, but has a thundering relentless chunk about it and drives mercilessly at the core of storm surf on the rocks on a bad day. Good end to a good set.

1. Pico Blanco 2. Infraromp 3. Outskirts 4. Dead Heat 5. Squad Car 6. Umiac Mission 7. Red Spyglass 8. Exotic 9. Death to the Private Eyes 10. Covert & Stateless



Ernesto said...

Can you post You Only Live Once (The Romans) again? Thanks. You have a great blog. Greetings from Uruguay.

That's my fotoblog:

DaBoss said...

Will do - will dig it up for next week -- like some of your photos. The black and white with the DJ and equipment is really cool stuff.

Will post The Romans again next week - when I can dig it out of the harddrives.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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