Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aqua Velvets AV St

Aqua Velvets have a sound that could be described as original surf instrumental, with spaghetti western, S.F. psychedelic, Middle Eastern, and Italian mambo influence.

1. Bravado 2. Spy In The House Of Love 3. Swampabilly Hop 4. Spanish Blue 5. Blue Rhumba 6. Night In Paamul 7. Gringo 8. Surf Boogie 9. Beauty And The Beach 10. Tango De Milo



Anonymous said...

I like Mike Corbin's music ...

Do you have already their Backflip Louie album? If not, let me know!

Brandonio! said...

Psst! Psst! I've got their newest album..wink wink!

Zakariás said...

Man, Merry Xmas to you, too! I really, really appreciate your posting these albums. There are no words that could describe how happy I am. (Well, there are: I'm fucking happy.)
And if anyone could share their latest stuff... I swear to you, I'd even celebrate orthodox Christmas as well in August. Thanks, guys.
You're the best.

Anonymous said...

ok here's Backflip Louie:

hey Brandonio!

maybe you wanna post two songs on your blog?? - I just wanna figure out if it surf & rock (ore more like their Reaching Shangri-la album) and if it's real worth the 25$ they wanna have (in my currency) - but I suppose it's not.

ahoi BSS

Zakariás said...

Thanks, man, but I tried it and the link was down... Another try, if you can? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

new link

[bad vibrations between mediafire and me]

Zakariás said...

No-no, those are good vibrations since the link works and I'll listen to this marvel pretty soon. Deepest gratitude, BSS. Only the deepest.

Rodrigo R. Herrera said...

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Unknown said...

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