Friday, August 14, 2009

3 Balls of Fire – The Best of The Balls 1988-98

More goodies by request from 3 Balls. Burnin’ Mike Vernon’s 3 Balls of Fire – "the men with the burning guitars" – have led the way for instrumental guitar bands in Austin since 1987. The popular trio from the Lone Star State perform original, high octane, road-tested, surf-drenched Texas twang. They dip into in surf guitar, hotrod music, lounge favorites, and cowboy exotica from the Sixties and their bluesy twang is incendiary. Between Ry Cooder, Dick Dale and Ennio Morricone.
Good stuff.

The Men With the Burning 2. Chicks On Choppers 3.Atom Smasher 4.Island Girl 5.The Kicker 6. Black Out 7.Pipeline To Baghdad 8. El Malpais 9.Journada del Muerte 10. Risin' Surf 11.Machine Gun 12.Kind of Green 13.Beatnik 14.The Men With the Burning Guitars



zillagord said...

Goodness gracious! MORE Balls of Fire??? Thanks so much.

Unknown said...

Mike Vernon is pretty unique. His sound and compositions are very creative. It's surf music like no other surf music. Between Ry Cooder, Dick Dale and Ennio Morricone ... Check it out !I like to smoke my cigar while listening.Cuban cigars are the world's Best Cigars.

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