Friday, August 7, 2009

Mercury Four – Endless Beach

Carrying on the surf tradition yet adding more texture. Maybe it's just the way they all work together. A great recording of this band. Solid drumming with great dynamic tension, spooky keyboards and guitar, solid bass. Excellent energetic rave-ups, lush spy soundtrack-ish songs, with heavy doses of sci-fi, and lounge.

1. Quit Hoggin' the Airlock 2. Enigma Twist 3. Skater Dater 4. Stroked & Bored 5. Kennewick Man 6. Endless Beach 7. Rattle Can Black 8. Werewolves On Wheels 9. Zeta Reticuli 10. You Are Go for Throttle Up 11. No Response From Mars 12. Zombies From Outer Space

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