Friday, August 21, 2009

We’re Gonna Rock – We’re Gonna Roll Comps

"We're Gonna Rock - We're Gonna Roll" is an excellent audio history of how Rock & Roll came to be. This dense 118 cut set is divided into four genres: R&B, DooWop, Rockabilly and finally good old early Rock & Roll. The tunes selected are truly representative of their era and genre (with the exception of the rockabilly CD which leans more towards hillbilly swing) and the sound quality is excellent. I've found so many original versions of songs that were covered by other artists that this is a great resource. Especially the original R&B version of "Tryin' to Get to You". Yes, there are some of the usual comp hits but there are plenty of goodies rare enough to be special. I would recommend this to anyone and not just Roots music fanatics. This is one heck of a collection!! It’ll do ya good.

DISC 1—Rhythm and Blues(2:54) That's All Right - Arthur Crudup (2:51) Hound Dog - Big Mama Thornton (2:10) Party Girl - T-Bone Walker (2:28) Pledging My Love - Johnny Ace (2:47) Good Rockin' Tonight - Wynonie Harris (2:24) Mystery Train - Little Junior's Blue Flames (2:16) We're Gonna Rock - Cecil Gant (2:50) Rock And Roll - Wild Bill Moore (2:44) Rockin' At Midnight - Roy Brown (2:35) Rock The Joint - Jimmy Preston (3:00) Shake Rattle & Roll - Big Joe Turner (2:30) Rock And Roll - Laverne Ray (2:53) Why Do You Waste My Time - Tiny Grimes (2:34) Shake Holler & Run - John Lee Hooker (2:41) I Need You I Want You - Jack The Bear Parker (2:04) Teenage Baby - T-Bone Walker (2:28) Rockin' With Red - Piano Red (2:46) Train Kept A-Rollin' - Tiny Bradshaw (2:51) I Got A Woman - Ray Charles (2:51) Hey Little Girl - Billy Wright (2:39) Let's Rock A While - Amos Milburn (2:35) I Wanna Know (What Cha Doin' Down There) - Dolly Cooper (2:37) The Fat Man - Fats Domino (2:47) Bee's Boogie - Smiley Lewis (2:32) Lawdy Miss Clawdy - Lloyd Price (3:15) Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee - Stick McGhee (2:26) Country Girl - Dave Bartholomew (3:07) The Hucklebuck - Paul Williams (2:39) We're Gonna Rock We're Gonna Roll - Wild Bill Moore


DISC 2—Jumpin’ and DooWoppin’(2:32) 60 Minute Man - The Dominoes (3:08) Ting A Ling - The Clovers (2:54) Gloria - The Cadillacs (2:07) Hold Me! Squeeze Me! - The Orioles (2:38) Hearts Of Stone - The Jewels (2:25) Mama (Your Daughter Told A Lie On Me) - The Five Keys (2:30) Mary Lee - The Rainbows (2:51) Can't Do Sixty No More - The Du-Droppers (2:39) Never - The Dundees (2:46) Rock Me All Night Long - The Ravens (2:31) Such A Night - The Drifters (3:05) A Thousand Stars - The Rivileers (2:09) Ling Ting Tong - The Five Keys (2:56) Earth Angel - The Penguins (2:29) One Minute Julep - The Clovers (2:30) Ooh Baby - The Teardrops (2:25) Honey Love - The Drifters (2:54) Shoo Doo Be Doo - Bobby Lester & the Moonlighters (2:30) No Help Wanted - The Crows (2:34) Fool Fool Fool - The Clovers (2:37) Trying To Get To You - The Eagles (2:45) My Loving Baby - The El Dorados (2:06) Bounce - The Spaniels (2:30) Sexy Ways - The Midnighters (2:36) Boot 'Em Up - The Du-Droppers (2:46) Bip Bam - The Drifters (2:51) Roll Roll Pretty Baby - The Swallows (3:05) She Rocks - The Cardinals (2:43) Lovey Dovey - The Clovers


DISC 3—Hillbilly Boppin’(2:46) Move It On Over - Hank Williams (2:51) I'm Movin' On - Hank Snow (2:46) Birmingham Bounce - Hardrock Gunter (2:41) Tennessee Saturday Night - Red Foley (2:14) Tennessee Jive - Johnny Horton (2:43) Rompin' & Stompin' - Curtis Gordon (2:22) TT Boogie - Charlie Adams (2:17) Blue Ribbon Boogie - Chuck Murphy (2:27) Oakie Boogie - Jack Guthrie (2:33) Juke Joint Mama - Jimmy Swan (2:30) Hot Rod Race - Arkie Shibley (2:33) Hot Rod Mama - Jimmy Dolan (2:19) Too Old To Cut The Mustard - The Carlisles (2:33) I Ain't Nothin' But A Tom Cat's Kitten - Wayne Raney (2:53) The Band's A-Rockin' - Johnnie Lee Wills (2:44) Slick Chick Boogie - Porky Freeman (2:13) White House Blues - Bill Monroe (2:11) Juke Joint Johnny - Lattie Moore (2:16) Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down - Maddox Bros & Rose (2:43) Sugarfoot Rag - Hank Garland & His Sugar Footers (3:24) Guitar Boogie - Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith (2:31) The Nashville Jump - Chet Atkins (2:11) Stratosphere Boogie - Jimmy Bryant (2:11) Don't Drop It - Terry Fell (2:08) Good Deal Lucille - Moon Mullican (2:24) Louisiana Swing - Bud Hobbs (2:46) Louisiana Boogie - Merle Travis (2:11) Wild Cattin' Woman - Lee Bonds (2:41) Hound Dog - Betsy Gay (2:36) There's A Leak In This Old Building - Brother Claude Ely


DISC 4—It’s Only Rock and Roll(2:51) Rocket 88 - Jackie Brenston (2:40) Rockin' Is Our Bizness -The Treniers (2:46) Work With Me Annie - The Midnighters (2:13) Gee - The Crows (2:26) Sh-Boom - The Chords (2:48) Love Me - Willy & Ruth (2:59) Riot In Cell Block #9 - The Robins (2:40) Crazy Man Crazy - Bill Haley and the Comets (2:43) Please Don't Leave Me - Fats Domino (1:55) Rock The Joint - Jimmy Cavallo (2:21) The House Of The Blue Lights - Merrill E. Moore (2:23) Gonna Dance All Night - Hardrock Gunter (2:42) There's Gonna Be A Ball - Rudy Grayzell (2:04) Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Elvis Presley (2:23) My Sweet French Baby - Jimmy Logsdon (2:13) My Gal Gertie - Dub Dickerson (2:20) Real Rock Drive - Bill Haley and the Comets (1:56) I Love You Madly - Charlie & Ray (2:32) Shake Rattle And Roll - Bill Haley and the Comets (3:02) Money Honey - The Drifters (2:43) Blue Monday - Smiley Lewis (3:10) Tweedle Dee - LaVern Baker (2:54) Teardrops From My Eyes - Ruth Brown (2:30) Such A Night - Bunny Paul (2:17) Rock A Beatin' Boogie - The Treniers (2:53) Shake A Hand - Faye Adams (2:40) Honey Hush - Big Joe Turner (2:55) Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean - Ruth Brown (1:57) That's All Right - Elvis Presley (2:13) Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley and the Comets



Unknown said...

Holy hotdogs, this is GOOD! Because I'm anal, I have to have the exact year of release for each cut - so I've spent the afternoon looking everything up on Wiki. There's a surprising amount of info on just about every artist, and some really incredible stories and trivia. R&B, blues, country, western, bluegrass, hillbilly,etc. all somehow collided to create rock & roll. What a treasure - thank you, o bossman!

Tomleen said...

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John said...

Amazing Blog. I found your site last night and I've been enjoying everything I've listened to so far. Great notes, tracklistings and quality. I know how hard it is to keep a site up and you're not just keeping it upp; youre doing a thorough job of it.

I do have a question for you too. I've been struggling with thw "We're Gonna Rock" set. The mediafire links appeared to be broken at first. Then, I realized that the only complete disc was the R&B disk. Is there any possibility of reupping disks 2,3 and 4?

No biggie. I'm enjoying your site to the max anyway. Thanks and know that there are probably lots of folks out here who are digging it too.

John - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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