Saturday, August 1, 2009

Impala - Teenage Tupelo OST

Impala was one of the greatest, and easily the most underrated groups of the recent instrumental surf revival, and to me this is one of their best efforts. Slow, sensuous, sleazy sax over the fast pulse of a great rhythm section. Exotic, melodic guitar riffs instead of the usual tube-amp thrash that tries to pass itself off as surf these days. It creates a beautifully sleazy, neon-lit pulsating world. Being a soundtrack there is a combination of atmospheric and melodic tunes - so think of this as mood setting background music more than punchy driving riffage.

imth - possibly incomplete

imthv2new - new link just in case


Brandonio! said...

I own this on Cd and Vinyl formats.Great soundtrack! I've seen the movie back in the day.The star D'Lana had a body that wouldn't quit.I wonder what ever happened to her?

Enrico Ratso said...

Goood,but the archive is incomplete,can you reup?

DaBoss said...

Agree with you Brandonio - great soundtrack, would love to see the movie. D'Lana sounds HOT. Like the music.

Enrico - reposted with new link try that one - all tracks are there.

didn't have a problem with the old one myself - now there are 2 links for folks.


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