Saturday, November 21, 2009

Man or Astroman Intravneous Television Transmissions

LINK FIXED - Sorry all

If you are a MOAM fan, BUY THIS NOW. If you are not a MOAM fan, buy this is and you might become one. The combination of rockin' surf guitars and samples from B-grade movies creates a very cool futuristic/retro sound that will get stuck in your head and raise your pulse rate. If you are a fan of science fiction or guitar rock, you'll love this album! Even if you normally wouldn't get a surf album, give this a try.

1. "Immersion Static"
2. "Put Your Finger in the Socket - (Maximum Voltage Version)"
3. "Nitrous Burn Out 2012"
4. "Tetsuwan Atomu"
5. "Max Q (Nielson Rating Video Version)"
6. "------(Reverse Sync Moog Version)"
7. "Jetson's Theme"
8. "Invasion of the Dragonmen - (Alternate Universe Mosrite Version)" 9. "Bionic Futures" 10. "Tomorrow Plus X - (Time Travel Through Sleep Deprivation Mix)" 11. "Out of Limits" 12. "Calling Hong Kong" (Supernova) 13. "Munster's Theme" 14. "Principles Unknown" 15. "Everyone's Favorite Martian" 16. "Deuce's Wild" 17. "Cool Your Jets"



Corganoid said...

Ah, finally some MoA!! I've seen them live a couple of times and they play a GREAT set. I wish they'd get back together and play some shows.

Unknown said...

Link goes to John Mayall.

bluehz said...

Can we get a repost - download links to John Mayall not MOA.


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