Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Tomorrow Men - It's About Time Revised

 Original melodies, progressions, arrangements influenced by some of the very best surf bands in the world - The Madeira, Man or Astroman?, Dick Dale, Laika and The Cosmonauts, The Ventures, The Bambi Molesters, Pollo Del Mar, Satan's Pilgrims, Slacktone, Los Twang Marvels.  The songs are top notch - melodic surf with a sharp edge, an old feel and a modern vibe.  They sound like a fusion of many bands but in the end, have a unique sound, fast and furious guitars. A keeper.

In deference to the band's request - I have removed the full album and posted the 1st 3 cuts as evaluation samples. Like it - go buy it, like I did.

1. Dr. Kilometers (Uncertainty Principle)     2:28    
    2. Tempori Parendum     2:49    
    3. Maelstrom     3:37    
    4. Curse You Fred Haines     2:42    
    5. Midnight At The ChronoLab     3:29    
    6. Mobius Transformation     2:55
    7. Argosy     2:31    
    8. Phistful of Photons     3:10    
    9. Claire de Lune     3:40    
    10. Run Ripley Run     2:46    
    11. Momentium     3:46    
    12. Chronosurf     2:40    
    13. Requiem for a TomorrowMan     3:06



Shecky said...

I'm glad you like the record, but as it's still in print, I'd appreciate it if you didn't post it for free. It's available from our website, Double Crown Records, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes among others. Thanks.

Δημήτρης said...

it's awesome, thank you chief!

Unknown said...

Hey! I love your blog, and I was wondering if you take submissions/how would one go about sending one?


DaBoss said...

Yes, I take submissions if they fit the style and feel of the blog.

You can leave a contact email in the comments and I will get in touch privately.



Unknown said...

Thanks, George! My email is cm@destroyallproductions.com. Please get in touch at your convenience.

Uri Gurvich said...

hello friends, I wish they could make rune review this album, Greetings


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