Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Invisible Surfers- Till That Day

Things are getting better on the home front and you will be seeing more regular posts, new stuff (at least to me), and reposts of what I can find. Thanks for all of your support and patience, it is appreciated. Enjoy. 

The Invisible Surfers
Till That Day

Modern surf punk with a heavy tone. A three piece instrumental combo from Greece.
The three boys play fast rocking instros in a remarkably twangy style. Their sound reminds me of Huevos Rancheros, Link Wray and Thee Heatscores.
They have been tearing up the Greek and European music scene for many years. Their blistering mix of Punk, Blues and Surf have attracted fans worldwide. Nice stuff.

01. Invisible Surfers - Bad Brakes (03:37)
02. Invisible Surfers - Los Pilotos Esta'n Muertos (03:05)
03. Invisible Surfers - Burned Brain (02:37)
04. Invisible Surfers - Hey You Beg For Mercy (03:27)
05. Invisible Surfers - Down At Santa Marina (03:35)
06. Invisible Surfers - Lickin' Nipples (03:23)
07. Invisible Surfers - No Warning (02:43)
08. Invisible Surfers - Two Miles Woman (03:19)
09. Invisible Surfers - Got To Go (Leaving You In Misery) (03:02)
10. Invisible Surfers - O.D. From Love (03:24)
11. Invisible Surfers - Totally Satisfied (03:37)



Δημήτρης said...

nice to see you back mate!
The Invisible Surfers are also vey good live performers,i have seen them one or two times.

Muff Diver said...

Nice car!

DaBoss said...

Way cool - would love to see them one day. More on the way from them.

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